Green Spray!


Safe for yourself, your bike and our blue planet.

Here at 10-9 we do care about nature and our environment. That is why we have developed strong products that provide green power in respect with our environment. Good for nature and for your wallet!

We do not use gas pressured spray cans.

    • Using pressurised spray cans often a lot of product is wasted on the floor, or on your brakes,...
    • As such you waste too much product for nothing
    • Classic spray cans are not re-usable and generate a lot of packaging waste.

We prefer to use hand spray dispensers and dripping bottles.

    • Hand spray bottles and dripping bottles provide better and more accurate dosing.
    • Spill no oil on your disk brakes, spill no degreaser on the floor.
    • Use less product only where you need it.
    • save our environment and your wallet.

Discover how NanoTec makes your biking better!

How to degrease, clean and lube your bicycle chain, cassette an derailleur in a safe manner for yourself, your bike and our blue planet.? How to clean and wax your bicycle? NanoTec anti-stick coating simply repels dust, water and mud.

        • NanoLube ST+ to degrease and lube the bicycle chain and cassette of your MTB, cylco cross or race bike... without sticky and greasy oil!
        • C3 Concentrated Cycle Cleaner to clean with ease in respect for the environment and nature.
        • W2 Wonder Wax to make your bike repel dirt and turn faded colors into brilliant gloss.

Less Cleaning and More Biking. Isn't that what we all want?!


Do you also want to save our environment and your wallet? Check out our GREEN POWER products!