Dieci-9 Non-stick Bicycle Maintenance with a clean chainlube and a wax that pearls

How to keep your bikechain clean and make your bicycle pearl with NanoTec?

What do you like most?
Cleaning your bike or riding it?

NanoTec non-stick coating repels dirt and makes it easy to keep your bike and chain clean.

NanoTec non-stick coating gives mud, grit, oil, grease and rain no chance. Thanks to NanoTec, you can always enjoy a clean and silent bikechain without effort. Making your bike 'pearl like new' has never been so easy.

  • NanoLube ST+ degrease and lube your bicycle chain and cassette. MTB, cylco cross or race bike without sticky greasy chain oil!
  • C3 Concentrated Cycle Cleaner clean with ease in respect with nature. Safe for yourself, your bike and our blue planet.
  • W2 Wonder Wax make your bike repel dirt and turn faded colors into brilliant gloss. Also cool on matte frames or details!


Biological Safe


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Clean Chain

NanoLube bikechainlube

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Without Water

R3 race refresher

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Without Effort


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SuperFast & Easy

C4 spraydispenser

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Pearling Bike

W2 wonderwas-bicycle

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  • Clean Chain

    Clean Chain

    Easy Maintenance, More Biking …

    NanoTec coating repels dust, water and mud particles.
    The result:

    • Does not form sludge
    • Easy and swift and smooth shifting!
    • No more chain suck



  • 1 Lube 4 All Weather

    1 Lube 4 All Weather

    NanoLube ST, the BEST Lube ever…

    • 1 Solution 4 all weather conditions
    • Forget about dry lube or wet lube, go for NanoLube ST
    • Dust, Mud, Rain, Snow
    • Winter and summer -40°C to +300°C



  • Clean Bike

    Clean Bike

    Easy Cleaning, More Biking...

    • NanoTec Power
    • Self-Cleaning Formula
    • In-depth Cleaning
    • Accelerates the dripping process of water



  • Shiny Bike

    Pearl Effect

    NanoTec Wonder Wax... 

    • NanoTec Non-Stick Wax Formula 
    • Prevents dirt, grease, mud, dust to stick!
    • Matt and Gloss
    • Shining like New



  • Comfort Ride

    A Comfort Ride

    Warm Feet in Winter, Cool in Summer…

    NanoTec Insoles have been developed for outer space…

    • Introducing space technology to set new standards in comfort
    • Aerogel is used by NASA to insulate astronaut spacesuits.


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  • NanoTec Power

    The Power
    of 10-9

    NanoTec Solutions for Cycling…

    • Nanotechnology to position atoms on nano scale.
    • To develop new materials with superior performance.


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